Remote Network Monitoring

Monitor your network to proactively act to identify abnormalities & threats before they materialize into hazards

  • Monitoring by Traffic type

    Monitoring and analyzing Real-time traffic graphs & bandwidth quotas

  • Monitoring by Application/Protocol wise Traffic

    Get protocol-wise bandwidth utilization across the network, provide idea on the type of traffic protocols being used or misused in the network environment. Provide a protocol-wise information of inbound and outbound traffic across the network with total bandwidth used by each protocol

  • Monitoring by Internet Traffic

    Provide detailed reports on total sent and received traffic & facilitate troubleshooting of WAN latency issues.

  • Monitoring by VoIP Traffic

    • VOIP performance for best VoIP Performance
    • VoIP across the network for minimum packet loss with best voice quality

  • Printer Monitoring

    Monitoring printer functionality to receive faults such as paper jam, no toner, low paper, etc

  • Network Device Monitoring

    Monitor network devices like Cisco routers, switches, IPS, load balancers, UTMs, etc. Understanding detailed port wise traffic monitoring. Help track other parameters such as CPU utilization, memory utilization, errors and collisions, etc

  • Firewall/UTM Monitoring

    Monitoring Firewall policies/rules and traffic between the LAN and WAN. Monitoring and managing the rules to ensure smooth network traffic flow. Simplify firewall troubleshooting and change management for multi-vendor network devices. Analyze unused firewall rules. Log analysis and device management for Checkpoint, Sonicwall, Fortinet, Cisco PIX, Cisco ASA, Cyberoam, etc

  • VPN Monitoring

    Provision of detailed VPN Reports on VPN usage, information on VPN hosts, protocols used & bandwidth utilized by the VPN. Analyze traffic flow during office hours. With multiple VPNs in the network, monitor the amount of traffic routed through VPN

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