Onsite & Offshore Security Management Audits & Analysis

  • Firewall Compliance

    Configuration, Management and Security Audit. Complying with regulations an important part of network security audits. Firewall Analyzer helps meet compliance requirements relating to network security, data safety, access control & accountability

  • Firewall Security Audit

    Audit conducted on Firewall devices to prepare compliance reports. These reports help configure Firewall rules to prevent potentially malicious entities from accessing the network. These reports also proactively help indentify Firewall security related issues

  • Firewall Configuration Change Management

    Continually monitoring changes made to the network security devices to offset any business continuity losses due to network outages because of unintentional errors on the part of the Administrator

  • Vulnerability Assessment as a Service

    Identify vulnerabilities to fish out flaws existing in the system, using scanners to identify un-patched vulnerabilities in servers, mail servers and network equipments

  • Penetration Testing as a Service

    Focused on purposefully gaining unauthorized access to the tested systems on the client’s authorization to identify security holes and plug them. Pen testers are technically trained to find out these security loopholes so, they are in a better position to can plug these gaps than the company’s own IT department

  • Remote Server Monitoring & Management
    • Server monitoring and reporting covers all operations performed remotely with tools that provide utilization, performance and availability reports
    • Administration and troubleshooting of servers/ services that includes all aspects of relevant ITIL processes
    • Install/ upgrade/ patching of servers covering an array of operating systems & full system backups after initial installations
    • Server security & hardening – provides for highly customized capabilities to ensure that critical resources have up-to-date patches and are able to defend against known vulnerabilities
    • Backup, recovery and job scheduling includes full, incremental or cumulative initiatives covering clients, servers and storage units
    • Monitoring hardware health for multiple vendors in addition to application and virtual infrastructure health and performance
    • Monitoring Windows event logs to determine prevalent issues in the environment and get information on events like by applications, security events, system failures, and DNS events.
    • Securing servers by disabling unwanted ports and implementing strong access controls.
    • Managing updates for OS, installed software, and anti-virus.
    • Monitoring and if required designing and implementing strong group policies for a domain based network
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